Monday, July 4, 2011

My Corona SDK Quick Reference Items

This is just a quick list of reminders and tips that I look at when working on a project...I have these printed out, scribbled and post-it noted all over my desk so i figured I would make this post and clean up my workspace along the way.  You might find them useful...or not. :)

Common Screen Resolutions (Portrait)
iPod Touch - 320x480
iPhone 3G - 320x480
iPhone 4G - 640x960
iPad - 768x1024
Droid Incredible - 480x800
Droid X - 480x854
Evo - 480x800
XOOM - 800x1280

Gestures to account for, or not:  Tap, Drag, Flick, Swipe, Double Tap, Pinch Open, Pinch Close, Touch and Hold, Shake

Apple recommended minimum tappable size of a UI item:  44x44 points

Icons needed to support an Apple and Android deployment - (Start at a 512x512 image size, because you are going to need this for app submission, make all these smaller ones from that so you don't end up with a blurry/stretched 512x512 when you are all done - or used SVG or vector of course)

  • Icon@2x.png (114x114)
  • Icon-72.png (72x72)
  • Icon-hdpi.png (72x72)
  • Icon.png (57x57)
  • Icon-mdpi.png (48x48)
  • Icon.ldpi.png (36x36)

Base config.lua file:  (This is my basis for supporting Dynamic Image Resolution )
application = 
content = 
width = 320,
height = 480, 
scale = "zoomStretch",
imageSuffix =
   ["@1x"] = 1.5,
["@2x"] = 2,
["@3x"] = 2.4,

Base build.settings file:

settings = 

    android =
      versionCode = "1"
orientation = 
default = "portrait",
supported = 
        iphone =
                plist =
                        UIPrerenderedIcon = true,
                        UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend = true,
                        CFBundleIconFile = "Icon.png",
CFBundleIconFiles = {

Some optimization tips:

  1. Get Rid of Blurry Text For Good!
  2. Definitely evaluate Director 1.3 and see if it fits your needs! If it does throw Ricardo a few bucks, this is a great jump start to a project!
  3. More tips from base2solutions
  4. Check your FPS

Apple Human Interface Guidelines:

Android Guidelines:

That's a start, this cleared a ton off my desk!  What do you have laying around?  Send me anything to add to this list or post your own...


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