Saturday, July 2, 2011

99 Bottles

Ever wonder what you can do in a couple of weeks in the evenings with the Corona SDK?

I wanted to create a simple game so I chose to start with some of the great sample code provided on the Corona site.  In this case you will quickly recognize that I am using the Samarai Fruit sample as a foundation to my game, "99 Bottles"

99 Bottles is a very simple concept...a great place to start when picking up a new SDK to learn!

Break 99 blue bottles and you win.  The game gets progressively harder the closer you get to 99.

From the Intro screen you can choose to jump right in and play or view the rules...

It's easy!  Swipe a blue bottle and you get a point, hit a barrel and you get two!
No room for error though, if you hit a red bottle your game is over!
Also, if you skip a blue bottle you lose a point so you can't wait forever to make your move!

You get the idea, bottles flying all over the place and you trying to hit the blue ones.  Sorry for the poor quality video, its from my phone and what do you expect for a FREE game! :)

The game ends when you successfully break 99 blue bottles, or when you successfully break 1 red one!

At the end of the game you can compare against your all time best score as well as brag about your score to your Facebook wall to see if any of your friends can do any better!

I really want to say thanks to the Corona community as I have got so much from the forums and code examples.

This game is the initial game release for Fully Croisened, it will remain free and contain no ads, EVER.  If you like the game and want to see updates please Like the app and Fully Croisened on Facebook.

If we get to 5000 "likes", I will put out an update to this version that will include some new scoring features and other twists - if not, well, on to other projects until we get it right!

Hope you like it,

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